Welcome Back!

Aerial photo of Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington

Fall Quarter 2013 is officially underway — and a new session of Digital Art & Design begins Tuesday night, September 24 at 6:00 pm in room 549 of the T Building. For the first night’s class, be prepared to:

  • ATTEND: Show up on time and fully prepared for class, attentive and free of outside distractions or conflicting commitments
  • PARTICIPATE: Introduce yourself to the instructor and your classmates, be willing to share your thoughts and aspirations
  • REVIEW: Applicable course syllabus and school policies, discuss the course calendar and class objectives
  • UNDERSTAND: What’s expected of you and from you to achieve success in this class
  • LEARN: Fundamental tools and processes of the Adobe Creative Suite, with an emphasis on print design and production techniques
  • WORK: Put lessons into practice through hands-on in-class tasks and out-of-class homework assignments

Our first night will be full of important information, but will likely not require the full 2.5 hour time allotment (future classes, however, will fully utilize our limited time together).

Looking forward to seeing you then.


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