Photoshop Lesson #3

Photoshop lesson 3 exampleNow that we’ve had a chance to explore some of the basic functions and features of Photoshop, it’s time to study some of the application’s more advanced tools, tricks, and techniques. In our third installment of introductory Photoshop, we’ll look at many of the filters that allow us to easily change the overall look and feel of the images we’ll be working with. As we work together to build a composition that could represent a fictitious study abroad program (or a “backpack through Europe after graduation” advertising campaign), we’ll learn how to alter contrast, create non-standard drop shadows, convert pictures to line drawings, and turn traditional photographs into painterly-styled images. We’ll also re-visit topics such as image and layer opacity, blending modes, sequencing the layer stack, and layer effects to make sure their fully understood.

The step-by-step handout is available via the following link, if it helps you to follow along or remember what we’ve done after class is dismissed.

Adobe Acrobet .PDF ART209 Lesson #3 Handout


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